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Site Security in Yorkshire

We have many years’ experience with local Hull and national construction companies. Humber Security Services fully understand the complexities of the industries security needs.

Live CCTV Monitoring in Yorkshire

With our hi-tech security control rooms in Hull, we can not only observe sites but interact with them controlling CCTV, Control Access, and monitoring security alarm systems. We can monitor sites nationwide and provide total site security.

Alarm Monitoring in Yorkshire

We monitor security alarm systems all over Hull and nationwide ensuring a rapid response to any system activation. Providing you with peace of mind.

Humber Security Services are a
national firm with local values.

Need was the inspiration and birth of our company.

After many years of being associated with companies dealing with thefts, we realised a lot of Security Companies worked in the same manner. Frustrated at seeing the same issues not being dealt with and watching them reoccur over and over, we found a solution. From Basic manned guarding to how you pay for your security services, we decided to change security provision for the better.

We are now an SIA accredited company for CCTV public surveillance, Keyholding and Manned Guarding. As one of only a select group of companies in the UK with all these accreditations we are proud to be able to provide the best service for our client’s specific requirements

We aim to become the premium provider of security services within the UK for clients that want the best in service, technology, and innovative solutions to manage the safety of their sites, assets, and staff.

Our CCTV installation and monitoring services use the best available technology and are inclusive and cost effective. Our control room with its dedicated team of cctv controllers watch over your site whilst you are not there, ensuring that your company’s assets are secure. If an attempt is made to gain access to your premises, then our dedicated team will respond, ensuring either our response team or the police are dispatched to your premises immediately.

We are SSAIB Accredited for Alarm installation and Access Control, ensuring our systems are installed and maintained at certified standard. Our intruder alarm systems can protect from the smallest house to large multi building sites, all communicating back to our control room.

Our access control systems range from a single access door control to multi access door systems with video and voice, along with Fingerprint, Retinal Eye, Facial Recognition and Hand Geometry Biometric, allowing access to authorised personnel.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff are on hand 24 hours a day, whatever the problem, we will deal with it in a way that suits everyone, and we are happy to help anyone who needs it.

We offer no less than transparency in our service, we will never sell something to a client that they do not need. Respect is key in forming a successful partnership with our clients and we will never jeopardise that!



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