Site Security in Yorkshire

We have many years’ experience with local and national construction companies and fully understand the complexities of the industries security needs having covered large sites such as the Kingswood Development in Yorkshire for companies such as Barrett Homes, Charles Church and many more. We can also use the latest state of the art wire free systems to further enhance protection on sites if needed.

As a security guard the role will vary depending on what sort of site you are dispatched to and what the specific requirements of the site are. This may include.

  • Patrolling at regular intervals to checkpoints located throughout the site
  • Logging down any suspicious activity and reporting it
  • Liaising with police to report any criminal activity.
  • Welcoming people on to the site
  • Checking the site for potential criminal activity.
  • Diffusing potentially hostile, dangerous situations.
  • Restraining people to ensure they don’t pose a danger to other members of the public or themselves.
  • Ensuring a physical presence on site which in turn provides a visual deterrent to potential intruders.
  • Search people, belongings and/or vehicles.

The cost of a security guard depends on various factors including location, job requirements, length of contract, shift patterns, number of guards etc.

We offer a highly cost-effective solution and will not be beaten on price.

All Security Guards in the UK must hold an SIA licence. It is illegal to take on any security work without holding your own SIA licence. If found to be breaching the law you could face up to 6 months in prison or a £5000 fine.

Today Security Guards are pivotal in ensuring businesses remain safe in and out of normal working hours. Additionally, Security Guards can offer protection and visual deterrence to potential criminals who are targeting specific companies and buildings. Every company has some degree of security measure in place whether that be a Security Guard, CCTV, fencing or a simple door lock. Securing your assets and property is of huge importance to all businesses across the country.

Security guards do not have the same powers as the Police but can perform a citizen’s arrest, refuse to enter premises and with consent, they can search you and your belongings before allowing entrance. However, security guards are not allowed to carry any weapons including firearms, tasers or batons unless licenses to do so.

We believe that Security Guards must look approachable, professional, and presentable as they are a figure of authority. That’s why all our guards come smartly uniformed. This includes a white shirt, black trousers and tie and black shoes. Guards will also have high visibility vests/jackets to easily identify themselves as security officers.

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