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As a Silver Level Hik-Vision Installer we offer a CCTV solution that is affordable, accurate and inclusive. Hik-Vision is one of the brand leaders in CCTV pioneering inclusive security systems that link through alarm networks, fire panels as well as the latest IP CCTV technologies.

With Specialist models to cover facial recognition, Low or no light, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), thermal imaging and intrusion and line detection our partnership with Hik-Vision ensures that if it moves we can see it.

We ensure that the CCTV is fit for purpose and ensures that the site is secure, we do not believe in specifying a solution that will leave you open to intrusion, our systems are all covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and feature the latest in CCTV technology as well as being aesthetically pleasing on your business.

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience with CCTV technology, if it has been made or used in the industry it is fair to say we have experience of it, be it your old system or a new project we have the knowledge and suppliers to help

The prices we charge are based upon the cost of equipment and our labour costs, which we determine with our free site survey. We always strive to remain competitive though and a basic CCTV system which can monitor your premises 24 hrs a day can start from as little as.

If you make your staff aware of where your CCTVs are and when and where they are being filmed, then you are legally allowed to monitor your own staff. This can help with maintaining high staff safety standards, deter theft and help you to ensure that your staff are using their time productively. All your recordings are subject to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please note that there are specific places or circumstances that you may not record in. e.g. The staff toilets, changing rooms or at union meetings.

Yes, it can, depending on the hardware and software platform installed. It is possible to provide information on customer flow, heat mapping areas of interest, dwell times, till service times and more.

Yes, it is definitely possible to record searchable video of till transactions.

Depending on the system chosen, your CCTV can be used to identify certain individuals and to provide live alerts both locally and to our monitoring centre. You can also use your CCTV facial recognition to open or lock doors if it is integrated with a suitable access control system.

There are strict guidelines that specify what you are allowed to record and what you are not allowed to record. For example, you may not record other people’s property. If you follow the guidelines, you can use your CCTV footage as evidence in court.

If your footage complies with government guidelines and the recordings are of your business premises, then you own all your footage.

Infrared and night-vision cameras are designed to operate in low-light conditions. Not all CCTV cameras have this functionality.

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